The Difference Between Part D and Medigap Plan D

So many people mistake Medicare Part D with Medigap Plan D. It is easy to do considering how similar they sound and look. We know Medicare is confusing enough without having to distinguish the word “part” from “plan.” That is one of the reasons why Medicare supplement agencies like GoMedigap are useful resources. We are here to clarify some of this confusion for you. Below you will find quick descriptions of what Medicare Part D is and what Medigap Plan D is so you can see the difference the between the two.

Medicare Part D

Medicare Part D is a prescription drug coverage plan that the government offers in addition to your basic Medicare Part A and B. It is commonly referred to as Medicare prescription drug benefit plan. As long as you are eligible for Medicare Part A and B (you most likely are and may already have it), you are also entitled to this plan. It is meant to reduce your out-of-pocket spending on prescription drugs.

Medigap Plan D

Medigap Plan D is a Medicare supplement plan that private insurers offer to cover the gaps in your basic Medicare coverage. However, it is not a prescription drug plan and will not cover prescription drug costs. Medigap Plan D is considered the “middle plan” in terms of coverage. Out of all the medicare supplement plans, Medigap Plan D is not the most comprehensive but it offers a decent amount of coverage for monthly premiums that are usually less expensive than the more comprehensive plans. For information of Medigap Plan D coverage, this government website outlines the coverage for all Medigap plans:

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