Will Obamacare Affect My Medicare Supplement Insurance?

If you’re a Medicare recipient and are concerned about how The Affordable Care Act (commonly referred to as Obamacare) will impact your Medicare coverage … you’re not alone.

Among the many confusing areas of this history-making law is how Medicare and Medicare supplement insurance might change and what, if any, mandates apply to Medicare recipients.


The good news for Medicare beneficiaries is that the law, which is set to go live on January 1, 2014, is actually only applicable to people age 64 and younger.


Medicare beneficiaries are not subject to any of the mandates and Medicare Parts A & B benefits, Medicare supplement insurance (also known as Medigap), Medicare Advantage plans, and Medicare Part D drug coverage will stay the same.


Although The Affordable Care Act will not directly affect anyone enrolled in Medicare there are some concerns about some indirect impacts to Medicare recipients. There have been some questions and concerns that funding for some Medicare programs might be negatively impacted in order to fund the national healthcare program.

The biggest risk seems to be towards Medicare Advantage plans which receive funding directly from Medicare and at a rate that is higher than the normal allotment for Medicare recipients. There has also been some discussion regarding the Medicare part D program with many wondering if there will be additional means testing to determine what Medicare beneficiaries at higher income levels will have to pay for their drug plan.


If you’re still curious or have additional questions about how the Affordable Care Act will affect your Medicare coverage or would like to review your Medicare supplement coverage to see if you might be paying too much for your coverage, please call one of our agents to discuss your health care options for 2014: (866) 894-3258

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