Andy Gossett

Andy Gossett – Sales Manager

Andy as you can see above is a sports, and particularly Cowboys, fan. He’s an energetic, caring, and consistent agent, who likes to read about history, mystery and fantasy books in his free time. On the weekends you can find him spending time with his family or seeking out the most delicious breakfast taco in town.

Why he rocks at his job? “I love helping people. I really get stoked when someone says ‘I understand that now.’ I am very active outside of work in my church and so my faith is very important to me. If at the end of the day, somebody else’s day is a little better off, or they feel a little better about life, because they have crossed paths with me, that is a great day!”

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Licenses: AL-677873, AZ-1059457, CA-0I56598, CO-435481, FL-W169753, GA-2930728, IL-4756816, IN-911582, KS-4756816, KY-823839, LA-603274, MD-2124494, MI-4756816, MO-8303275, MS-10306891, NC-4756816, NE-4756816, NJ-1533912, NM-339711, NY-1309836, OH-1006462, OK-42369, OR-4756816, PA-680337, SC-703585, TN-2256845, TX-1858667, VA-888716

We asked our clients what they like about our services, our agents, or any other interaction with GoMedigap.

Here’s what they had to say about Andy:

That youre very good at answering your questions and prompt with your service

Sheila M. - 12/01/2016

With so many different companies and policies…glad to have your service and friendly knowledgeable agent to do all the searching for me.

Barbara M. - 09/27/2016

I am a little confused. Thought I was corresponding with Teri whom I have talked to before. If I “talked” to someone diffevent I wish he had identified himself

Laura (KAY) A. - 09/16/2016

You always follow-up with us when there is an opportunity to decrease our plan costs.

Mitchell L. - 09/15/2016

The interview process takes too long.

Susan W. - 09/09/2016

They do what they say.

Mary S. - 08/26/2016

Their dedication to getting the best rate possible for medicare supplements.

Bill V. - 08/08/2016

Your agents are outstanding and they know what I need.No hassel picking a company nor is there pressure to hurry and sign. Very layed back but professional. Prices are great also. plus you get several companies to pick from

Russell D. - 07/19/2016

Polite, friendly, professional, efficient!

Bonnie R. - 07/01/2016

Andy was so helpful and got on the problem right away – didnt waste any time!  so easy to receive the paperwork on lineand then fax it in. It went so smoothly. Very, very satisfied!

David S. - 01/29/2016

Friendly service, knowledgeable agents, approachable with questions. Always happy to help.

Mary C. - 01/27/2016

Andy Gossett was extremely nice and helpful.  He did all he could to find me affordable coverage and persisted even after I was turned down the first time.  I did not hear from him over the holidays (understandable) and afterwards I thought he had lost interest, but he called soon after and continued to help me find a good company.  I am grateful for your companys assistance and for taking the stress away that I was feeling when I was denied coverage. Thank you. 

Cristina C. - 01/27/2016

very informative,  I wanted silver sneakers plan for KY and direction headed that way, know what I needed to do, quoted the cost compared to what I already had etc. Explained everything and gave timeline as to when the new policy would be active and a followup call   thanks

Donna L. - 01/27/2016

Andy gossett was extremely helpful and informed,.  He is also helping many others that we referred to medigap.  April and nancy were also very helpful and prompt in keeping us informed.

Nancy S. - 01/22/2016

My experience with your company was very positive.  My questions were answered and clarification  of the areas of Medicare and supplemental plans were given to me in  a very respectful manner.

Jan K. - 01/20/2016

Very professional, reliable and quick.  Thank you

Maggie O. - 01/19/2016

friendliness and knowledge about health ins

Bonnie S. - 01/17/2016

Andy was friendly, professional and gave me a feeling of caring about my situation. I would hire him in a heartbeat!

Mary L. - 01/15/2016

Fully helpful and through on the maters at hand. Thanks again for the helpfulness.

Richard L. - 01/15/2016

Friendliness, expertise, and ease of doing business.

Mervan C. - 01/13/2016

The simple way the coverage was explained and the options presented. thanks 

Ana F. - 01/13/2016

Andy kept me informed of each step in the procedure. He called me today to inform me of the approval, and when to expect the policy and the insurance cards.

Paul B. - 01/12/2016

I chose your company because:    both Andy and Tammie were excellent. They were knowledgeable, friendly and helpful.

Jay P. - 01/12/2016

Very professional, easy to understand and made me feel comfortable discussing my situation. I couldnt have asked for a better representative!

Cora C. - 01/12/2016

Mr. Gossett was very helpful. No improvement required.

Emiko S. - 01/11/2016

I appreciated that Andy contacted me but was never pushy in trying to get me to purchase a policy.  He was extremely helpful and answered all my questions.

Mary M. - 01/10/2016

Friendly & knowledgable

James B. - 01/09/2016

quickly compared plans for me efficient

Peter H. - 01/07/2016


Judy V. - 01/05/2016

not much

Robert D. - 01/04/2016

Andy Gossett  was honest and straight forward. He gave me options and good advice. He was the best insurance agent I had talked to and i had talked to a lot.  He didnt pressure me and was always available. None of this –oh any operator can  answer your call and you cant get back to an agent. Andy was a pleasure to talk to and a very valuable addition to your staff.

Fern L. - 01/03/2016

Not sure. 

Margo G. - 12/30/2015

time Andy took to explain everything in detail with examples

Sharon W. - 12/22/2015

Andy and the ladies were very thorough. 

Linda C. - 12/19/2015

Communications  and knowledge of the plans were outstanding

Robert G. - 12/19/2015

Extremely helpful and very nice and knowledgeable.

Patricia A. - 12/18/2015

First, As a former volunteer arbitrator for the Better Business Bureau “BBB”, I always prefer to do business with BBB companies, such as GoMedigap.  I can be assured of their high standards and commitment to customer satisfaction. In dealing with Andy Gossett, I have found him to be unfailingly honest, informed, patient and of high character. What more could one ask for in evaluating health insurance ?

James P. - 12/17/2015

Able to provide a good explanation of Service and offers a range of companies to select.Andy was very friendly but remain professional at all times

Paula M. - 12/15/2015


Marlyss S. - 12/14/2015


Marlyss S. - 12/14/2015

Very helpful and guided me so I could understand all my choices

Patricia S. - 12/10/2015

Your agent Andy was a good listener. He understood what I wanted and gave me what I requested. Great customer service.

Latanya T. - 12/10/2015

The knowledge and guidance Andy showed me was invaluable.I feel very well taken care of. He made me feel like a friend. 

Cheryl J. - 12/08/2015

Both Andy and Julie were very helpful and answered my questions in a clear and understandable manner.  Andy took extra time to explain the options I had for Medicare Part D.  Calls and emails were answered promptly.  I do appreciate the effort made on my behalf.

Douglas W. - 12/08/2015

Both were very professional, friendly and knowledgable.

Jackie G. - 12/08/2015

Andy made our decision to change very easy with hie expertise, knowledge  and other helpful info,,,Thank You!

Mary B. - 12/08/2015

Andy is very knowledgeable and helpful in making our decision to change easy..Thank You!

Harold B. - 12/08/2015

They are helpful and nice. They are also very patient.

Sahlu B. - 12/08/2015

I always get a quick response and feel like the time is taken to find out my needs and meet them as best as you can. The staff has always been very friendly and extremely helpful. I was having a lot of problems last year and getting the run around. You team put my anxiety at ease and helped me to fine the right plan for me! 

Andria L. - 12/07/2015


Richard H. - 12/07/2015