Annalin Bryant

Annalin Bryant – Medicare Supplement Agent

Annalin’s beautiful smile lights up the office. She is a warm, charming, witty and compassionate woman who loves animals, especially her dog, Lyla.

Annalin is a musical wizard who plays the flute, guitar and piano. She has been playing for more than 20 years and performed with the Dallas Wind Symphony. Annalin loves stand-up comedy and attending live music shows and festivals, all of which are abundant in Austin.

We asked Annalin what she likes most about her job: “I have the opportunity to truly connect with people, while working with a talented and genuine team. It is incredibly rewarding to be able to help others on a daily basis, and it makes me love what I do. “

Licenses: AL-751415, AZ-1138895, CA-0K76129, CO-501036, FL-W310910, GA-3064606, IL-17853934, IN-3139552, KS-17853934, KY-906865, LA-684798, MD-2190510, MI-17853934, MO-8370343, MS-10421606, NC-17853934, NE-17853934, NJ-1603949, NM-413620, NY-LA-1413115, OH-1096199, OK-100250213, OR-17853934, PA-766797, SC-804641, TN-2327295, TX-2067357, VA-982466

We asked our clients what they like about our services, our agents, or any other interaction with GoMedigap.

Here’s what they had to say about Annalin:

I appreciate she was consistently persistent in staying in touch with me to ensure I didnt procrastinate and miss the important deadlines.  She did that without seeming pushy and she cut through unnecessary information to give us our best option.  This is by far a better way to investigate Medicare supplement options without having to call separate companies and research and compare on our own.  I also especially like the automatic follow up annually to be sure we continue to get the best plan at the best price for our situation.

William H. - 02/26/2017

A bit too aggressive for my taste. Left feeling like I was being shoved.

Tom D. - 02/25/2017

Agent Ashley explained in detail the coverage the costs and my options very clearly and suggested my best option for what we wanted. Thats what I appreciate

Linda S. - 02/24/2017

Very personable and very helpful with any questions we had.

Gloria B. - 02/24/2017

Excellent explanation of benefits, advantages, disadvantages based on our personal preferences. 

Susan D. - 02/22/2017

Agent was highly knowledgeable. Knew plans and costs. Loved her help

Gina W. - 02/22/2017

She was polite, professional and very knowledgeable. She listened to me, was concerned that I fully understood her responses to my questions and explained all of my options. I would happily recommend her to anyone needing information about Medicare Spplemental Insurance programs

John C. - 02/22/2017

Annalin Bryant was such a great help to me, since I had no idea was I needed.  when I called her after my vacation, Annalin returned my call as soon as she got my message.  Great company and great agents that care about you.  I am not a number, but a real person within your company.  Such Relief.  Thank you

Janet S. - 02/22/2017


Linda Y. - 02/22/2017

She insisted on selling the medicareplan f and I found out today that plan f is being fazed ou the end of this year  I want to cancel the policy. I went with another company. If you could cancel the plan please let me know.  Otherwise I will call Cigna personally

Ginny C. - 02/21/2017

Annalin Bryant was great. She listened. Many others do not stop talking long enough to listen. Not Annalin. Her explanation of Medicare and the services of goMedigap was the best and most informative Id heard, and in my search, Id heard a lot. I have been greatly impressed from first to last and would recommend her and goMedigap to all. Great company, Guys!Walter Singletary, More than satisfied Customer!

Walter S. - 02/21/2017

Very friendly, knowledgable, flexible and thorough. My questions were answered before i could ask them. This made the transition to Medicare very easy. Thank you!

Skip C. - 02/18/2017

Very professional, knowledgeable, and personal.

Larry B. - 02/15/2017

Very helpful, professional, and friendly. 

Colette B. - 02/15/2017


James R. - 02/13/2017

 Very professional, allowed you to ask questions, explained things in a way that you understood and without rushing you.

Seleta A. - 02/10/2017

All ofthe above!

Anne R. - 02/07/2017

Offer a chance to call back to sign up.

Linda S. - 02/02/2017

Easy access and helpful agents.

Ruth K. - 02/01/2017

Your agent Annilin Bryant. Is very professional and has done an excellent job for me./ 

Ronald N. - 01/19/2017

Annalin explained all that I needed to do when I retire.  SS office didnt do that and I felt as though I was traveling from one SS office to another and wasting my time.  I have supplemental ins. and coverage will start on 5/1/2017  Excellent.

Janet S. - 01/18/2017

I like the fact that your agent, Annalin Bryant,  was very thorough, a great help, Considerate, and very polite and kind. She was very easy to deal with. Your service has been excellent and I will recommend you company to anyone that I see that needs help.

Wanda S. - 01/12/2017

You good information and seemed to care about you making the right choice 

Theresa S. - 01/05/2017

Very well trained and knowledgeable. Personable. 

Mike D. - 01/05/2017

AnnalinBryant was my agent and she did an extraordinary job of educating  me on the Medicare program. She was patient and answered all my questions and more. She guided me in making my selections and I am so grateful.  Thank you for a job well done by her.

Delois S. - 12/26/2016

Professionalism, reality of quick reaction to my personal intent to return to a supplement policy. The expedient manner in which my request was handled. Person was very courteous and interested in my medicare situation.

James H. - 12/25/2016

I was so concerned about selecting the best Medicare gap plan for my medical issues. Annalin  explained the Medicare plans and how they worked. She verified my particular medical needs would be met by the 3 plans she recommended for me. Im still working through selecting prescription coverage and we will complete that on Tuesday after the Christmas holiday. Honestly I dont know how I would have navigated all the plan choices alone and I will certainly recommend Annalin to friends and neighbors as they retire and have to make choices.

Jeri S. - 12/24/2016

Very professional and efficient.

Colleen T. - 12/22/2016

Very professional and Efficient.

Garry T. - 12/22/2016


Sharon H. - 12/21/2016

The agent was very informative, knowledgeable, and patient which helped me to decide on a supplemental insurance plan for myself.

Mary P. - 12/21/2016

It is well explained Anna Lynn (my agent was very helpful well detailed) thanks to her????

Lolita E. - 12/18/2016

Annelin was thorough, helpful, and friendly. She explained an unusual policy in a logical way.

Terry H. - 12/10/2016

Anna was very helpful and efficient as  was Julie

Charmaine R. - 12/09/2016

Polite  professional 

Jimmy D. - 12/08/2016

Very professional, helpful, courteous and pleasant to work with.

Gregory H. - 12/07/2016

The agents are friendly and knowledgeable. they saved me a bunch if time in researching  and finding the best coverages at the best price.

Mary D. - 12/06/2016

Annalin was extremely helpful and easy to work with.

Madelyn D. - 12/06/2016

Annalin was very friendly,  interested in my situation and professional.  She answered all of my questions and I felt as though I was talking to a friend or relative about options.  In other words , I felt that she cared and was looking out for my best interest and not just selling a product. 

Ann G. - 12/01/2016

Prof.,court., and knowleageble

Sallie O. - 11/30/2016

Everyone is very friendly and helpful.  They are very good about returning phone calls and e-mails!

Karan E. - 11/28/2016

Annalin was very friendly, provided all the information I requested and did all the work for me.

Ann B. - 11/28/2016

Annalin was very knowledgeable, professional and utilized a conductive approach during the sales cycle. She was persistent without being over bearing!  As someone who has been in sales/ sales management she possesses many of the qualities that individuals need in order to be successful!  I have already referred her to a couple of friends. 

Dave P. - 11/24/2016

My experience with Annalin Bryant and Nancy Snyder were exceptional. Everything was explained fully and all my questions and concerns were handled in a most professional manner. Im sure you have other great employees, but the two I dealt with made this whole process much easier. I told them that as well, but it will be better coming from you. Thanks.

James M. - 11/22/2016

Pleasant to talk to 

Ray R. - 11/21/2016

your agents were very helpful and seemed directed me in the best possible direction for my up coming medicare policies.    

Steven S. - 11/18/2016

Nothing. What impressed me is a quick call. Someone from Blue Cross kept sending info; however, theynever called me back.

Robert F. - 11/17/2016

All of my questions were answered quickly by either phone or e-mail and there was no high pressure to buy.

James L. - 11/16/2016

Ive havent heard a from from anyone since I tried to get with Bankers Fidelity or not. So I have no idea if I will have coverage. thanks . I did receive my hearing,eye I pleased with that thank you.

Adria M. - 11/12/2016

I found them to be very knowledgeable and friendly, most helpful in walking us through this somewhat perplexing procedure!

Cynthia S. - 11/11/2016