April Mercado

April Mercado – Underwriter

April is a playful, silly, and peppy lady who likes to impart her positive attitude on others around her. When it comes to underwriting she is also extremely hardworking and dependable. When she’s not helping clients with their applications, she is either baking, planning parties, or spending time with her family.

Why she loves and rocks at her job? “As the Senior Field Underwriter, I rock at my job because I try to keep both my co-workers and clients happy by staying positive and making the Medicare Supplement Process as Fun and Simple as can be.”

We asked our clients what they like about our services, our agents, or any other interaction with GoMedigap.

Here’s what they had to say about April:

Everyone at Gomedigap is professional, knowledgeable, patient and a pleasure to deal with!

Mary B. - 02/24/2017

Very Helpful and returns my call in a timely manner.

Ellen W. - 01/25/2017

Ms. Barnes and last year Cathleen, were professional, informative, courteous, respectful and kind. They answered our questions. They returned our calls. Never an attitude, or impatient. They represent Medigap with integrity and professionalism.  Whatever their salary, they are an asset and deserve a raise. 

Twila N. - 01/24/2017

Chad Slusarski is the best agent I have worked with in years.  He is timely, knows the details but most of all he has followed up on every commitment.

Janice W. - 01/19/2017

Personal interaction and they answer questions about available options! 

Thomas B. - 01/10/2017

Courteous, prompt and effective guidance and results. Thanks.

Lee H. - 01/06/2017

Agent was very  helpful and took time to explain the plan to me.She was very polite and patient.

Sandra M. - 01/06/2017

I sent a check and all required info on nov5   On dec 28. After canceling my current  policy.  I get a call that says u have not been approved  yet but possibly by feb 1   Do not cancel your current policy.    Kind of short notice  and no explanation about why not approved.   Then I get an email that says I am approved for Jan 1.   Then a phone call that says  feb 1    Not too well organized  it would seem 

Frank B. - 01/03/2017

Your company helped me to find another medical insurance with the same coverage and paying less premiums.  Chris Grill made it a very easy transition.  I am pleased with your service and greatly appreciate it.  I want to thank you so much for a job well done.

Diane M. - 01/01/2017

Keep up the good work.

Hood B. - 12/24/2016

Mitch Boulding was extremely helpful in every way.   He returned my calls promply,  kept me informed of progress,  even appealed my denied application and in two days I was excepted.  Better keep this fellow.   Very satisfied with  goMedigap.

Linda K. - 12/20/2016

I like the friendliness and helpful attitude or Chris.  I feel like he steered me in the right direction for my needs/situation.And, he has been very responsive and timely to any of my inquires.

Hugh K. - 12/20/2016

They are there when you need them but not pushy in your face. Nad extremely knowledgeable

Bernard T. - 12/16/2016

everyone very well informed and easy to understand. you have saved me money each year. thanks!

Edwin R. - 12/15/2016

From the very first time I spoke with someone with your Group, I felt I had contacted the right person to help me. I find everyone that Ive had contact with were very knowledge, helpful and pleasant to talk with.   Its nice to work with people that really do care about helping  clients obtain the best that can be offered to them. 

Judy S. - 12/15/2016

GoMedigap has located a insurance company to provide me with the same coverage for lower monthly rate.Your insurance agent Mrs Barnes has been very helpful thru the enrollment period and has always answered all my questions and promptly returned all phone calls. 

James J. - 12/15/2016

Provide assistance as to HOW to discontinue your existing Plan F policy and by WHEN does this discontinuance need to be effective…

John E. - 12/14/2016

very friend and know their stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sylvia O. - 12/14/2016

The knowledge, personal touch, they bring to answer my questions. Over the years  have learned to feel secure of the information they supply me with. This is important to me. I have only so much money at this stage of my life and placing my medical concerns into GoMedigaps hands lets me rest.  Assured the company they suggest is highly rated and reliable. They also follow through with me on the necessary steps to complete the process in a timely manner. 

Mary M. - 12/13/2016

The ability to compare the plan we have and the pricing for it with other companies. Extremely helpful employees for guidance.

Randall S. - 12/09/2016

We never got a quote on Part D plans for Donald and Margaret

Margaret C. - 12/09/2016

Both Jamie and Tracy were just great to work with.  Jamie is very knowledgeable about insurance options and helpful in saving us $$$.  Both were friendly and professional.  A very good experience.  We would recommend your services to anyone we know who needs them.

Pamela R. - 12/09/2016

Only had 1 experience so far and it was good but I have nothing to compare to.

Jim T. - 12/08/2016

Always courteous, most helpful agents.  

Darleen N. - 12/08/2016

Gave a monthly price.   When enrolled in the new program, the cost charged by the company was higher than you stated.  I was sold a policy that was more expensive than the one I had in place.  This was, in turn, replaced by a new policy that WAS less expensive.  Pretty traumatic.

Robert F. - 12/08/2016

They are able to explain to me the advantages and disadvantages of various plans.  As simple as Medicare really is,  it is still not easy to understand.  They are able to find me the “best deal” for my circumstances.  Also,  everyone was very efficient.

Patricia P. - 12/07/2016

They are able to explain to me the advantages and disadvantages of various plans.  As simple as Medicare really is,  it is still not easy to understand.  They are able to find me the “best deal” for my circumstances.  Also,  everyone was very efficient.

Patricia P. - 12/07/2016

All of your agents have been to the NICE school.  They are wonderful to deal with.  Many thanks

Marjorie L. - 12/07/2016

Friendly, flexible, not pushy

Gerald J. - 12/07/2016

Consistent, accurate information and good follow-up are appreciated.  Everyone I have dealt with is very personable.  The company seems to have a good communication system since whoever I talk to can find the necessary notes about me.

Donna G. - 12/06/2016

Out agent Chelsea was very knowledgeable, very pleasant and best of all very patient! She did a great job and went out of her way to be helpful.  Very pleased. 

Michele L. - 12/06/2016

Sean kept me informed although I did become very frustrated because it took so long to get answers from Cigna after submitting the application. There were a few glitches along the way but Sean definitely followed through and did keep me informed along the way.

Cindy F. - 12/03/2016

Your agent was friendly, knowledgeable, succinct, patient and a joy to work with.

Randall L. - 12/02/2016

Friendly interaction, quick results, lots of good information.  Feel good about the choices made and saved money to boot.

Lawrence G. - 12/02/2016

Patient, thorough, knowledgeable, helpful and friendly

James H. - 12/01/2016

Friendly, knowledgeable, helpful 

Linda H. - 12/01/2016

Quick response to my inquiry.  Kathleen was very friendly and tried fot find the best product to meet our needs.

Diana S. - 12/01/2016

Prof.,court., and knowleageble

Sallie O. - 11/30/2016

She understood what I needed and was able to come up with a program that works for me.

Nancy G. - 11/30/2016

Very informative 

Janet G. - 11/29/2016

All Agent very knowledgeable,  good attitude, wonderful service 

Yun H. - 11/29/2016

Very knowledgeable, very helpful, and very friendly.  I felt they really care about the job/service they are providing.

Jean P. - 11/29/2016

Thanks to your staff, we have been taken care of.  They are caring, knowledgeable and concerned for our well being as far as Medicare supplement plans are concerned.

Royse R. - 11/28/2016

Everyone I spoke with was extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and concerned that we should receive the best plan available.

James R. - 11/28/2016

Great service and your agent Jane was awesome very helpful.

Daisy D. - 11/28/2016

I appreciate the yearly call to go over the various medicare supplemental policies.  They really help me to save money.  Also like doing everything by phone.

Audrey S. - 11/28/2016

go Medigap does a fantastic job of saving you money on health insurance and keeps me up to date.there whole team is there for you.

Seton W. - 11/27/2016

Everyone was extremely helpful and nice, answered all my questions and led me in the right direction.  Really put my mind at ease.Thank you for everything.

Marty V. - 11/26/2016

Knowledgeable relaxed intelligent and personable 

Patricia V. - 11/23/2016

Knowledgeable relaxed intelligent and personable 

Patricia V. - 11/23/2016