Does Medicare Cover Hearing Aids?

Medicare and Hearing Aids

Medicare hearing aid coverage can be a tricky subject. While Medicare covers many aspects of senior medical care, there are many aspects it does not cover. Medicare does not cover most dental or vision services. Original Medicare and a Medicare supplement also do not cover hearing services. This exclusion includes products such as hearing aids. Medicare …

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New 2019 Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Period

Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Period

Traditionally, many seniors have two periods to disenroll from their Medicare Advantage plan. The first period is the Annual Enrollment Period, or AEP, which runs from October 15 to December 7. This period allowed beneficiaries to drop or switch their Medicare Advantage plans and shop for a Medicare Part D plan. The second period was …

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10 Free Medicare Benefits You Should Be Using

Medicare Benefits

While Medicare provides coverage for your inpatient medical needs, your outpatient medical needs, and your prescription drug needs, there are many other benefits offered by Medicare. Typically, beneficiaries may not be familiar with these additional benefits, as they are not heavily advertised. However, taking advantage of these benefits could save you time, money, and protect …

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Does Medicare Cover Dental?

Does Medicare Cover Dental

There are many different aspects when it comes to covering all medical needs. Most seniors need to have coverage for inpatient hospital stays, outpatient doctor visits, and prescription medication. Thankfully, Medicare Part A, Medicare Part B, and Medicare Part D take care of all of these needs. However, the coverage of dental services remains a …

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5 Things You Have to Know About Medicare Before Enrolling

Medicare Enrollment

As you age, there are many aspects of life that may remain uncertain, such as where you might live or where you may travel. There are, however, a few aspects of life that are guaranteed. One of these includes your enrollment to Medicare. When you turn 65, Medicare will become your health insurance. Because health …

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What is Medicare Fraud & How to Report It

Unfortunately, many seniors each year fall victim to Medicare fraud. Medicare fraud is highly illegal and hurts more than just Medicare’s operations. It also hurts the senior involved. On the same note, there are some who abuse their Medicare benefits. This is also illegal and can get the beneficiary in a considerable amount of trouble. …

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Guide to Medicare Open Enrollment in 2018

Each fall, there is a significant buzz around all Medicare terms. This buzz is because the start of Annual Enrollment Period, Medicare’s biggest season, starts October 15th. This time of year is the only time to make changes to Medicare Advantage plans or Medicare Part D plans. What is Annual Enrollment Period? Annual Enrollment Period, …

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Why All Seniors Need a Medicare Supplement Plan

Getting health coverage is one of the most important parts of aging. Often times, especially when we are in good health, we may neglect the importance of getting this coverage. However, with potential unforeseen medical expenses looming, this is a crucial time to make sure you are completely covered. Unfortunately, Medicare does not cover all …

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Medicare Easy Pay 101: How to Sign Up

It’s the digital age. As time passes, the less you are writing checks or making phone calls to make payments. In this developing time in technology, you might be wondering if there are more efficient ways to pay your Medicare bill. Thankfully, there are. You can register for Medicare Easy Pay to quickly, and electronically, …

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