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What Factors Determine My Medicare Supplement Premium?

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Medicare Supplement Premium

Because the Federal Government standardizes Medicare supplement plans (Medigap plans), the monthly premium is the main factor when determining which Medicare supplement policy is right for you. The monthly premium for your Medicare supplement depends on two things:

  • The type of Medigap plan you choose (Plan F, G, N, etc.)
  • The company you buy it from

States can offer up to 10 different types of Medigap plans. The government standardizes benefits across each plan type. This means the benefits will be the same regardless of location and which company you choose (with the exception of Massachusetts, Minnesota and Wisconsin).

Medicare supplement insurance companies set their own monthly premiums, so costs will vary from company to company. For example, if you are buying a Plan F, a Plan F from Blue Cross Blue Shield may cost more than a Plan F from Mutual of Omaha, even though both plans provide the exact same benefits.

*GoMedigap is an authorized agent for many Blue Cross Blue Shield companies.

How Companies Set Prices for Medicare Supplement Policies

There are three ways that a company can price its Medicare supplement policies:

  • Community-rated: With this pricing policy, every member, regardless of age, pays the same price. Hence, the name “Community.” However, premiums may increase each year due to inflation and other factors.  It’s not often to find plans with community-rated pricing nowadays. When available, pricing tends to be expensive for people under age 75 and competitive for people over the age 75.
  • Issue-age-rated: With this policy, your age used for pricing is locked in on your policy start date. However, premiums will often increase due to inflation and other factors each year.  Issue-aged policies are becoming exceedingly rare offerings outside of the handful of states that mandate plans be issue-age rated.  When you do find them they are often more expensive than available attained-age plans, if available.
  • Attained-age-rated: This is, by far, the most common pricing model for Medicare supplement plans in most areas (outside of the few states that mandate Issue-age rated plans).  Your initial pricing will be based on your age at the time the policy is signed or issued and you’ll receive a relatively small age-related increase each year as you age.  Outside of the age-related increase, premiums will typically increase from year-to-year due to inflation and other factors.

While you should be wary of how the companies you consider handle their pricing, don’t be surprised to find out that, in your state, there are only attained-age rated plans.  Your GoMedigap agent can guide you in understanding availability of plans with these pricing models.

Other Factors Determining Premium Cost

1. When You Enroll

The biggest factor affecting how much you pay for a Medicare supplement plan is the time period you enroll. The best time to purchase a Medicare supplement plan is during your Medigap Open Enrollment Period, which automatically starts  6 months in advance of enrolling in Medicare Part B. During this period, you have the right to join any Medigap plan, regardless of pre-existing conditions or disabilities. Insurers cannot deny you coverage if you have health issues, nor can they charge you a higher premium.

After your Open Enrollment Period is over, insurance companies may require medical underwriting, deny you coverage, or charge you more for your premiums. Generally, you will have the most choices available and the lowest costs if you join a Medicare Supplement plan when you are first eligible.

2. Gender

Some insurance companies offer lower rates on Medicare supplements for women. According to statistics, women typically live longer. Thus, they pay more for their coverage over their lifetime. Also, women tend to enjoy better health and thus claim less.

3. Location

Where you live typically makes a difference in the amount you’ll pay for your Medigap premiums. Insurance companies consider average wealth in any area and charge what they believe residents can afford to pay.

4. Tobacco

Since tobacco use typically leads to more health complaints, it is reasonable to assume that your Medigap premium will be more expensive if you use tobacco. On average, tobacco users will spend about 10% more on their monthly premium than a non-tobacco user.

5. Age

Your age can significantly impact how much you’ll pay for your Medicare supplement premiums. As discussed above, whether your age affects your premium continuously depends on how the insurance companies determine their pricing.

However, if you purchase a Medicare supplement when you are first eligible, usually at the age of 65, you’ll pay less than if you had waited until you were 75.

6. Households

Household discounts are given by insurance companies to entice couples to take out a Medicare supplement plan with the same insurance provider. Some companies even offer discounts if you have anyone living in the house with you over 18 years of age. Discount amounts vary among providers.

7. How You Pay the Insurance Company

How often you pay the insurance carrier can also impact your Medicare supplement premium. Some insurance companies will charge more for quarterly, semi-annual and annual payments, because they prefer clients to pay with a monthly draft.

Furthermore, it is easier and more cost effective for insurance companies to process payments paid electronically, rather than by check or credit card. Because of this, some insurance providers will discount the premiums for people who pay with electronic funds transfer.

8. Inflation

Due to inflation and rising health care costs, you will typically see your Medicare supplement premiums increase every year. Some insurance carriers will raise their prices more than others depending on different costs.

That’s why we have our Rate Watch program. Because Medicare supplement premiums are subject to change in price every year, we have developed a special service to help you save money. This service automatically checks your Medigap plans and prices so you can rest assured that you are getting the best price possible. With our proprietary Rate Watch technology, we have the ability to research rates on your behalf and proactively notify you if there is an opportunity to save money on your current plan with a different Medicare supplement insurance provider.

GoMedigap is a Medicare supplement insurance agency, representing over 30 of the top insurance companies to ensure you have multiple options when it comes to choosing your insurance plan and company. For any questions regarding Medicare or Medicare Supplements, please fill out this form or give us a call at (800) 310-2550, and one of our expert agents will be readily available to help you.

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8 Replies to “What Factors Determine My Medicare Supplement Premium?”

  1. Will you give me comparison for different policies.
    I have Medico, please include this in the comparison.
    I am 74 and a smoker. Nelda a female is 73 and non smoker.
    We have a family enrollment, she and I.

    Thank you


    1. Hi Mr. Eubanks,

      I have referred your contact information to our team. Someone will be emailing you shortly with a comparison of plans.

      Have a great day!

    1. Hi there,

      Yes, your location play a big role in how much your Medigap plan will cost you. However, because the plans are standardized, you can certainly choose the company with the lowest price and receive identical coverage to a company with a higher price.

      If you’d like to view your Medigap rates online from 30+ top providers, compare your rates here: View My Medicare Supplement Quote Online

  2. My husband and I have medicare supplement F plan through the Oxford Insurance Company. His supplement has gone up 3 times and now is $192.00 per month. My supplement has gone up twice but less than his. We love the coverage but ask why independent companies can charge so much and are there other F plan companies offered in state of NC that will charge much less with the F plan. We are now 67.

    1. Hi Mrs. Southern,

      These are great and valid questions. Unfortunately, because of the nature of Medicare supplement plans, you will typically face a rate increase every year. Companies have the freedom and control to charge whatever they’d like.

      When you face a rate increase, we recommend always shopping the market for other Plan Fs that may be offered at a lower rate. At GoMedigap, we have a service called Rate Watch. The Rate Watch program is a unique and free service that automatically checks your Medicare supplement plans and prices so you can rest assured that you are getting the best price possible. With our proprietary Rate Watch technology, we have the ability to research rates on your behalf and proactively notify you if there is an opportunity to save money on your current plan with a different Medicare supplement insurance provider.

      Would you like someone to research the available rates for you and your husband to see if you could save some money with a lower premium? If so, please let me know and have someone from the Rate Watch team contact you. Or, feel free to call us directly at (800) 310-2550 and speak to one of our friendly agents directly.

  3. If you purchase a medicare supplement Plan G from an insurer in one state and then move to a different state where that same insurer sells the G Plan at a lower rate, is your premium lowered or do you keep paying the higher premium you had before you moved?

    1. Hi Ms. McCoy,

      When you move states, you might be able to keep the same policy that you currently have. If you find that there is a cheaper policy in the area in which you move, you might be able to switch to that policy, but you will probably have to undergo the process of medical underwriting. These questions are centered on your current health conditions.

      I hope this answered your question. If you have any further questions or concerns regarding your move and your Medgiap policy, let us know and we’ll be more than happy to help! We can be reached at (800) 310-2550. Have a great day!

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