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Why You Should Buy Medicare Supplement from an Agent

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Buying Medicare Supplement from an Agent

Clients often ask:

“Why should I work with an insurance agent to buy my Medicare Supplement insurance?”

Because most people aren’t sure if agents have their best interest in mind, agents often hear statements like:

    • “I’m just starting my research”
    • “I only want to compare prices right now”
    • “I was just checking the internet”
    • “I’m not ready to make a decision”
    • “Just looking”

Fortunately, most agents do have your best interest in mind.

Insurance Agents Can Save You Time and Money

Insurance agents provide more than just insurance policies. They are educators, guidance counselors, tour guides, and translators. When all is said and done, the conclusion of a search for insurance invariably ends with an insurance agent.

And here’s the best part: their expertise and services are completely free to you.

A knowledgeable agent can be your guide, showing you your options and pointing out potential mistakes or choices with potentially negative consequences. You still make the decision, but it’s an informed decision based on expertise and knowledge provided to you by your agent/guide.

When to Include an Agent In the Decision Making Process

Making a decision on your insurance is a process, and everyone has a different circumstance.

Part of the process in finding the right insurance is to determine your situation, evaluate what rules of Medicare may apply to you, understand how Medicare works, how a Medicare Supplement plan works, how and when Medicare covers prescription drugs, evaluate the differences between Medicare Advantage and Original Medicare with a Medicare Supplement, assess those differences and know which side of the fence suits you, then start the shopping process.

You could start that process all by yourself, but coming to a knowledgeable and friendly agent earlier can save you a lot of frustration later.

For those already on Medicare, the answers you need may be different. You may need to find out what type of plan you have, and address other important questions such as:

  • “Am I healthy enough to switch plans?”
  • “Am I in the right period of time to make changes?”
  • “Who do I call to cancel my current insurance?”
  • And, “just what was that plan my brother/sister/mother had when she told me, I don’t pay anything?”

Starting with an agent can save you hours and hours of confusion and frustration as you try to gather all this knowledge and make an informed decision.

Shopping for Medicare Supplement Insurance Can Be Confusing

With dozens of companies offering dozens of Medicare Supplement plan options, as well as prescription plans, and auxiliary insurances like Dental, Vision, Hearing, and Final Expense Life insurance, finding retirement health insurance coverage can be a very confusing process.

There is much more than just looking at some generic rate sheet or quote generated by a computer.

Are you spending time reading webpage after webpage, searching one topic after another, seeing quote after quote, and wondering, “Does this apply to me?” Are you then annoyed when you discover that the quote you were given online isn’t even correct because it turns out you qualify for additional discounts?

The insurance agency and the insurance company you purchase your Medigap plan from (or any competing plan) can have huge implications on the quality of coverage you receive, the financial outlay of your healthcare both now and in years to come, and the level of service you receive. All of those, plus your agent’s level of expertise, can have large and lasting impact on your life.

Most retirees have a fixed income and for those on Medicare with a finite nest egg. The last thing you want is a healthcare plan that prematurely drains that precious resource.

An Agent’s Job Is to Protect Your Nest Egg

An agent’s number one job is to help you protect your retirement nest egg with the best Medicare Supplement insurance at the best rates for your specific needs. They do this by evaluating all the information mentioned above, and more, to help you identify the best possible options for your unique situation.

The fast and effective solution is to speak with a professional. There is no time better than now to get the best information, from the best source.

Whether you plan to retire in one week, one month, or one year, there are many questions that we all have as we approach that day.

For those already enjoying retirement, switching Medicare Supplement plans shouldn’t be stressful. You shouldn’t stay in a plan that is breaking the bank for fear of the unknown. There are many questions surrounding Medicare and a simple consultation with a licensed agent can clear most of them up for you.

How GoMedigap Can Help

GoMedigap represents over 30 companies nationwide including Blue Cross Blue Shield, Mutual of Omaha, Cigna, Aetna and more. We take a non-biased and educational approach to helping you understand Medicare Supplements. We’ll also show you how to shop for them and how to find the best value for your coverage. Our goal is to help our clients find the best possible rates for the best possible coverage.

*GoMedigap is an authorized agent for many Blue Cross Blue Shield companies.

Our service is completely free to you! Call us for free advice and friendly guidance at (800) 310-2550. You can also get a free quote online. We look forward to serving you!

Compare Your Medicare Supplement Rates Immediately!

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  1. I had no idea that by talking to an insurance agent you could save so much time and money on medicare supplement insurance. I know I don’t know a lot about this, so it’s good to have someone with expertise in the field to help. I’ll be sure to keep this information in mind for the future. Thanks for sharing this.

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