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Plan F vs. High-Deductible Plan F

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Summary: Plan F and High-Deductible Plan F offer the same coverage with one important difference. With Plan F, you have full coverage of all Medicare Part A & B deductibles, coinsurance, copays and excess charges from day one. With High-Deductible Plan F in 2019, you are responsible for the first $2,300 in medical expenses each year before the Plan F benefits begin.

Plan F and High Deductible Plan F

Plan F

Medicare Supplement Plan F is one of the most popular Medicare Supplement plans. Plan F offers the most comprehensive coverage which, unfortunately, also makes it the most expensive. Here’s a reminder of what Medicare Supplement Plan F covers:

  • Medicare Part A Coinsurance and Hospital Costs
  • Medicare Part B Coinsurance and Copayment
  • Blood (First 3 Pints)
  • Part A Hospice Care Coinsurance or Copayment
  • Skilled Nursing Facility Coinsurance
  • Medicare Part A Deductible
  • Part B Deductible
  • Part B Excess Charges
  • Foreign Travel Emergency (up to plan limits)

Essentially, with Plan F, you have no out-of-pocket medical costs. You simply pay your monthly premium – then you have full coverage! Your monthly premium will be determined based on various factors. These factors include the company you purchase your insurance with, current health conditions, age, and gender.

High-Deductible Plan F

With High-Deductible Plan F, you must pay for Medicare-covered costs (coinsurance, copayments, and deductibles) up to the deductible amount ($2,300 for 2019) before your policy will pay anything. Once you meet the deductible, you have the exact Plan F coverage that shown in the list above. Because of the high deductible, the monthly premium is much lower than the regular Plan F. Again, the premium will differ with each company and for each individual based on a number of factors.

While High-Deductible Plan F offers the lowest premium for a Medicare Supplement, it comes at the potential cost of the $2,300 (in 2019) deductible should you need any serious medical attention.

GoMedigap Can Help

To easily determine which option is best for you, it may be best for you to speak with a licensed Medicare Supplement Agent. At GoMedigap, our agents provide trustworthy and unbiased advice to help you find coverage that best fits your specific needs and lifestyle. If you are interested in getting a quote on rates from different carriers, please fill out this form, or give us a call at (800) 310-2550. One of our licensed agents will be readily available to help you and answer any questions you may have.

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10 Replies to “Plan F vs. High-Deductible Plan F”

  1. on website their document “Cost of Medicap Policies” states that with HDF “if you need alot of medicare covered health services, supplies and equipment, your out of pocket costs will be higher and you may not be able to change to another Medigap policy””.
    This makes no sense to me since HDF will pay the same as F once you have met the $2200 deductible. Also, why would that be an issue if you want to change to another Medigap policy? Called Medicare, they couldn’t really explain it and suggested I contact SHIP in my area or an insurer. I need an answer on this before I decide to go with F or HDF. Thanks.

    1. Hi Cynthia,

      I understand your confusion. Below, I’ll address both of your questions.

      You are correct in that the HDF is essentially the Plan F once you meet the $2200 deductible. However, your out-of-pocket costs will be higher until you reach the deductible.

      In regards to switching your Medigap plan, it depends on when you enrolled. If you enroll in the High Deductible Plan F during your Open Enrollment period, you won’t have to go through medical underwriting or health questions. Essentially, you can’t be denied your policy due to any pre-existing health conditions. If you decided you wanted to switch plans after your Open Enrollment period, you may have to go through medical underwriting. In this case, you could be denied coverage if you do not qualify.

      I hope that helps. If you’d like to review your rates online for both the Plan F and High Deductible Plan F, please feel free to give us a call at (800) 310-2550. We are an unbiased, independent insurance agency, and our agents are paid flat-rate commission. This means that you can rest assured that you are receiving completely unbiased guidance regarding your coverage.

      We look forward to hearing from you!

  2. In the high deductible plan F is the deductible for Part A and Part B treated separately? In other words, if you only go to a physician who accepts Medicare but have no hospitalizations, do you only have to pay the $183 deductible for Part B or do you pay the physician expenses up to the $2200 for the combined Part B and A deductible?

    1. Hi Ms. Dornaus,

      With High-Deductible Plan F, the only cost that you’re responsible for is the High-Deductible Plan F supplement deductible, which is $2,240 for 2018. Once you reach that deductible, you’ll have full coverage for Medicare-approved services. You will not have to pay the Part B deductible or any other deductible.

      I hope this helps! Please feel free to call us directly at (800) 310-2550.

  3. I am 72 and in perfect health, havent used any of my insurance since signing up at 65, my monthly premium is 205 a month for plan F, i would like to know since i’m in good health should i go from plan F to the high deductible F.

    thank you

    1. Hi Kent,
      If you are in good health, then you should be able to switch plan letters or carriers to bring your premium down. If you would like to see what premiums are available to you before you make your decision, we can help. Give us a call at 866-894-3258. H

  4. I have a Plan F and if I go to a High Deductible Plan F and decide I want to switch back to a basic Plan F, Do I have to go through Underwriting?

    1. Hi Wanda,

      Great question. Most people do need to go through underwriting in order to switch plans or carriers. However, depending on your state you may be able to avoid it. You can take a look at your state page to see if there is an exception for you, or call us at (866) 894-3258 and one of our licensed professionals will be happy to help.

  5. Will Medicare pay there portion, even if the Plan F deductible is not met? I have not been able to get a clear answer on this. The supplement should have nothing to do with what Medicare pays, but no one seems to be able to answer this question.

    1. Hi Mel,

      Medicare will pay its 80% even if the Plan F deductible is not met. Any payments you make for the Medicare Part A and Part B deductibles and copays will go towards meeting your Plan F High Deductible’s deductible. Hope this helped!

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