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Switching from Medicare Advantage to Medicare Supplement Plans

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Medicare Advantage plans are plans that offer the same benefits as original Medicare Part A and B, but they are offered through private insurers. This means that you cannot enroll in Medicare Supplement plans while you’re covered by a Medicare Advantage (MA) plan. There are a few specific times to switch if you are looking for more coverage and are switching to basic Medicare to enroll in Medicare Supplement plans.

The two best times for switching from Medicare Advantage to basic Medicare are during the annual open enrollment period or when you are moving.

The Annual Open Enrollment Period is usually from October to December every year. It’s a good idea to evaluate your insurance coverage and make the changes you want during this period of time. The changes will go into effect beginning January 1st of the following year.

When you move locations Medicare Advantage plans may no longer service your next location. Then you can choose to stay with a private insurer or switch to original Medicare and Medicare Supplement plans. You also qualify for a special enrollment period switch if you are enrolled in an Medicare Advantage plan and they discontinue service in your current location.

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