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Kevin Walbrick – Co-President, GM
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Kevin Walbrick, or “KW” as we call him, is GoMedigap’s amazing athlete who rewarded himself for getting an MBA by hiking Mount Kilimanjaro. He is the health nut that radiates positivity every morning when the rest of us are scrambling for coffee.  KW oversees sales, finance and our company strategy. For fun he likes to spend time with family and play any kind of sport from basketball to ping pong.

Why he likes and rocks at his job?  KW loves his job because he values GoMedigap’s commitment to their customers. He believes GoMedigap is truly unique among other Medigap agencies.  He says that while other agencies can have a tendency to focus too much on commissions, GoMedigap is “customer-focused not commission-focused. We do what’s best for the customer every time.”

Kevin’s Blog Posts:

We asked our clients what they like about our services, our agents, or any other interaction with GoMedigap.

Here’s what they had to say about Kevin:

They are so friendly and really helpful.  They do everything they can to get you better insurance and I do appreciate them so much.

Sandra N. - 06/14/2016

Information provided quickly — prompt attention to questions — Marsha was very helpful!

Judy W. - 06/09/2016

They are very helpful with questions.

Sharon H. - 06/07/2016

They seem to be non-biased toward any particular company.

Evelyn P. - 05/24/2016

Its a great place to get help with a confusing decision.  When I called you the first time, the agent simplified my choice of plans and helped me find the cheapest since all companies are obligated to provide the same coverage.  The second time I called a year later to change policies, the agent found a lower price than I had originally signed on for.  Thanks for your excellent service.

Sarah R. - 04/26/2016

Agents are friendly and knowledgeable, and always try to find the best match of benefits and premiums to meet the needs of their clients.

Donna T. - 03/25/2016

All of the agents we have talked to have spent as much time as necessary to answer all of our questions. Generally they confirmed what we had planed to do but that was very reassuring. 

KEY R. - 03/17/2016

Friendly and knowledgeable!

Susan H. - 03/07/2016

Polite and know what they are selling

Vivian L. - 12/18/2015

Knowledgable staff 

Nancy G. - 12/11/2015

Quick to answer concerns

Maria V. - 12/08/2015

You do not pester your clients.

Eleanor F. - 11/25/2015

The people. I deal with Teri Rank, she is the best. On the call today she answered my questions and even offered help to my husband, who will lose his COBRA coverage soon and needs two months of “open marked” coverage before he can go on Medicare. You can be sure he will also use goMedigap when it comes time for him to pick a supplement.

Barbara B. - 11/20/2015

They are very informative and explain everything so you can understand the wealth of information.

Peggy B. - 10/20/2015

Very easy to work with.  Knew exactly what we needed and worked swiftly to help us.

Gloria M. - 10/09/2015

Help finding the lowest prices. Terri Rank is the first agent I talked to. I emailed her yesterday and she answered me yesterday. When I checked my emails I checked them backwards and I answered Kevins email unaware she had already given me an answer.

Billy W. - 09/29/2015

I was very impressed with both Kevin and Lesli’s follow through. Both got back to me quickly and were extremely helpful and positive individuals. Thank you for the opportunity to work with these people. Getting help with Medicare is greatly appreciated.

Jocelyn F. - 7/2/14

I appreciated Kevin Walbrick’s genuinely friendly and helpful review of my current coverage. I was really impressed that he (and your company) do this review process with your clients when a rate increase of any kind comes up. Mr. Walbrick & I agreed that the small increase in premium with United of Omaha was not enough to warrant changing from a company I have been with for several years and with which I am very satisfied. And my satisfaction in United of Omaha goes back to your company’s initial assistance in helping my husband and me to settle on that particular company to start with. Thank you one and all!

Joanna L. - 10/9/13

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