Laura Podowski

Laura Podowski – Operations
(866) 894-3258 x101

You’ll rarely meet a person with the combination of impressive talent and caring personality of Laura Podowski.  There’s a lot of love and compassion packed in her amazing mind and heart.  She can accomplish anything she sets her mind to with an amazing speed and accuracy.  As the underwriting manager at GoMedigap she loves supporting the members of her team and ensuring the agents have everything they need to take excellent care of the client.

When she’s not at work supporting her direct reports, peers and members of other teams she loves spending time with her husband, Reece, and her daughter Lily.  She also has a couple of unruly cats named Finn and Maeby she loves to love on – when they let her, of course.  If she has the opportunity to spend time outdoors hiking (preferably in Colorado) she jumps at the chance.  Laura’s heart cannot stand the thought of hurting a living being.  She loves animals and is passionate about animal rights and has been a vegan for several years.

When asked why she rocks at her job: “I love being a support to my team and for the agents. I know that when I support them, they can support our clients by always giving them accurate advice and information. I genuinely care about our clients and the work we do here at goMedigap.”

We asked our clients what they like about our services, our agents, or any other interaction with GoMedigap.

Here’s what they had to say about Laura:

The agent were very responsive 

Mary B. - 01/11/2017

Jamie was very helpful. She always returned my calls promptly .

Gwendolyn W. - 12/21/2016

Jamie and Laura were both extremely helpful, knowledgeable, pleasant and cheerful.  I wouldnt have been able to make a knowledgeable decision without their assistance. 

Leland M. - 12/08/2016


Jimmy H. - 12/07/2016

Agents were helpful about what the options where with the available insurance plans.

Tom M. - 11/21/2016

Very friendly and knowledgeable regarding program options.

Paula T. - 10/07/2016


Michael N. - 09/07/2016

number of options, frank discussion of service provided, competitive pricing for similar products…and your agent was professional, personal and pleasant. Quite the combination-as my dad used to say a keeper

Ken B. - 07/28/2016

Friendly, helpful people, who follow up on applications and do what they say they will.

Richard M. - 03/28/2016

Pleasant to deal with and knowledgeable

Allan W. - 03/08/2016

Teri was well informed, polite and extremely helpful during the process of helping me understand and choose a supplement program that fit my needs.  I would recommend her and you organization to anyone looking to get a supplement program for themselves.  Thank you

Gaylene B. - 01/26/2016

Got what I wanted at a fair price. Everyone was professional at all times.

Kerry V. - 01/18/2016

Got what I wanted at a fair price. Everyone was professional at all times.

Kerry V. - 01/18/2016

You made it soooo easy. Patricia Lewis was so helpful and quickly put me at ease. I am also impressed with the yearly call to help me continue to findd the best plan and best price for me. Puts me at ease. One less worry 

Beverly P. - 01/05/2016

Very competent and professional, and friendly.  What else could you want ?

Craig F. - 01/05/2016

Richard, I never knew that when I entered your company that I would experience the absolute PERSONAL care Ive received.  Im not that old, but terrified of trying to do what is best alone.  I did it.  I found you and your company.  It is clear to me that you hire the right people to interact with people my age.  That is in itself, remarkable.  I told Henry that I wanted to speak to his supervisor.  He suggested I answer the survey.  Please understand that I am a teacher at heart: I love most kids and understand how to allow them to best perform.  Clearly you are not a teacher, yet you HAVE IT.  You get whom to hire and how to manage a trying business.  I am grateful for YOU and your excellent staff.  I feel so lucky to have found your company.  Well done, Sir.  Thank you!  Ginny Ladd

Virginia (Ginny) L. - 12/30/2015

service was excellant

Harry W. - 12/17/2015

Kyle Jones explains everything in such a way that it is easy to understand. He is the difference we work with gomedigap. Your auxiliary personnel has also done a fine job in finishing the insurance arrangements.

Richard H. - 12/13/2015

Knowledgeable representative.  Short, to the point with reasonable suggestions.  Painless transaction.

Georgina B. - 12/09/2015

Agents are very professional, helpful and friendly. They also are aggressive in trying to locate a policy that would better my current rate.

Wanda S. - 12/08/2015

Having a live person answer the phone and the useful help I received

Russell R. - 12/03/2015

Mostly I appreciate the patience taken with each question and the follow thru with my questions.  Bobby listened to the whole question before trying to answer the question.  He followed up with further options and advice, etc.  I appreciate the time spent with me, as I didnt have enough knowledge to make the right decisions.  Praise God for the best of the best agents!

Donna F. - 11/30/2015

Very knowledgeable and explained so I could understand the options. 

Barbara W. - 11/24/2015

I asked for dental and vision info and Sean gave me one and said He would look into specials and get back to us on Friday. He didnt. Send me some info on cheaper dental and vision for Me and My Wife

Harold N. - 11/23/2015

Very informative and helpful

John E. - 11/21/2015

Was patient about answering all questions

Carl K. - 11/20/2015

Helpful, not influential

Ma Donna K. - 11/20/2015

My agent and the extra help she gave me.

Judith T. - 11/12/2015

Personalized service, friendly and factual.  Agent searched for best plan for us.

Elvira T. - 11/04/2015

Chad was very friendly and personable while very professional.  All my questions were answered quickly and easily.   Great company.

Virginia G. - 10/30/2015

Agent, Jane, and admin gals, Laura, Nancy & Chelsea were all very personable and helpful. They followed up when they said they would and understood my needs, They were also patient with my many questions and lack of familiarity with Medicare/Medigap policies. I have already recommended your company to my brother who is eligible for Medicare in November.

Cherryl C. - 09/16/2015

Simple explanation of benefits, differences. Also knowledgeable about Medicare issues

Pamela N. - 09/04/2015

Friendly and knowledgeable

Rodger T. - 09/04/2015

I am extremely please with the professionalism and knowledge that Diana has and I have already recommended you service to others and will continue to do so. Diana and Laura has made a new beginning of our lives a smoother transition. Thank you

Gary R. - 09/02/2015

the friendliness and promptness of them.

Barbara M. - 08/30/2015

Diana was awesome, shefollowed up without being a pest.  She helped me find the best coverage I can afford.  always pleasant and personable.  I cant recommend her enough.  Truely a supportavie and caring person.

Carol B. - 08/26/2015

The explanation was clear and easy to understand.

Joanne Y. - 08/24/2015

I didnt give it a higher score because I havent had to use your insurance yet so I cant really say if I would recommend it or not. As far as my working with Jane, she was very helpful and explained the procedure very well.   She answered my questions in a way I could understand.

Phyllis M. - 08/21/2015

Kyle gave excellent and easily understood information about Medicare options. I thought we were fairly knowledgeable about Medicare but learned many new things. That is why we went with your company despite numerous emails, mailings and phone calls from your competitors. Thanks.

Richard H. - 08/14/2015

Amanda was very helpful.

George L. - 08/13/2015

Kyle was great to go through the process with.  He explained everything so proficiently.  I knew very little at the time, was in the process of learning and I am so happy I went to the goMedigap sight.  All other people I talked to from your organization were nice, proficient and like Kyle they met every timeline they told me about.  You have a great staff and a great organization.  I can understand the 97% success plus rating your company runs.

Nolton M. - 08/11/2015

Ms. Roe was polite and knowledgable.

L.J. F. - 08/10/2015

You seem to have a good hand on the process.

Rochelle C. - 08/10/2015

Your services were excellent! Best I have experienced in many months.Kathleen Wynne was a jewel !!  Very helpful, knowledgable and friendly. I enjoyed the experience immensely. The application went smoothly and approval was confirmed the following day.  Thank you for your professional attitudes.  

Margaret C. - 08/07/2015

It matters what I say. If I decide I dont feel like reviewing my policy or changing my policy that there is no pressure to do so.

Genevieve S. - 08/02/2015

Good interpersonal relations. 

Bill C. - 07/30/2015

Friendly , and very helpful and do not push!!

Michael A. - 07/30/2015

They inform us of other options when our premiums are about to increase.Not pushy,  very polite

William M. - 07/29/2015

Your agents have current information on rates and rules that apply to Medicare supplements.  I enjoy receiving your periodic e-mail information updates and have found them very helpful.

Donna F. - 07/27/2015

Ive was extremely pleased w/ my agent …. his knowledge, willingness, and sincere interest in my situation.

Donna S. - 07/23/2015