Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan F

Medicare Supplement Plan F

Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan F is one of the most popular Medicare supplement plans. Medigap Plan F offers the most comprehensive coverage of all the Medigap plans. It covers your Part A hospital deductible, hospital stays, doctor fees, your Part B deductible, blood, and foreign travel emergencies. If you visit the hospital frequently and rack up charges for doctors visits, Medigap Plan F would eliminate all those out of pocket costs. You can also find reasonable monthly premium prices for Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan F as well. Although it offers the most coverage, the rates for Medigap Plan F can sometimes be inexpensive. The price of the monthly premium tends to be less expensive when there are more people enrolled in a particular Medicare supplement plan with a particular company. The price also depends on your current health conditions, age, gender, and which company you purchase your Medigap insurance with.

Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan F reviewed:

  • Medicare Part A Coinsurance & Hospital Costs – Covered
  • Medicare Part B Coinsurance and Copayment – Covered
  • Blood (First 3 Pints) – Covered
  • Part A Hospice Care Coinsurance or Copayment – Covered
  • Skilled Nursing Facility Coinsurance – Covered
  • Medicare Part A Deductible – Covered
  • Medicare Part B Deductible – Covered
  • Medicare Part B Excess Charges – Covered
  • Foreign Travel Emergency (up to plan limits) – Covered

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    • Madeline Struve says

      Hi Mr. Murray,

      Excellent question. This is one we get asked fairly frequently.

      We do track company rate increases over the years and there really isn’t any one company that consistently offers the lowest rates and lowest rate increases across the country. The rate increases vary each year from company to company and from state to state. We have noticed that AARP and Blue Cross Blue Shield tend to have stable rate increases in the 5% range year-to-year (which is slightly lower than the average rate increase) in most states. However, they also tend to be among the more expensive plans to begin with in most states.

      Trying to guess future rate increases for various Medicare supplement companies is a bit like betting on stock performance. Past performance does not predict future rate increases. We have seen some companies take small rate increases several years in a row only to take an unusually large rate increase after a few years. Conversely, although more rarely, we have seen companies that have taken moderate increases several years in a row take a large rate decrease.

      There are so many risk pool cost mechanisms involved (underwriting requirements, analytics, reinsurer pricing, overhead management costs, medical claims forecasting, system automation, etc.) that even experienced actuaries have a hard time predicting the need for a rate increase.

      Contrary to what many people might believe, the insurance companies don’t tend to play games with pricing. As an example, we often hear from people that they’re concerned that insurance companies might offer introductory or teaser rates and then significantly raise premiums a year or two later. The insurance companies cannot single individuals out for rate increases and, when they do have a rate increase, it has to be applied to everyone on that policy in that state. Because of this, you can hopefully understand that the last thing an insurance company wants to do is take rate increases. They can price themselves out of position and not be able to pick up many new clients as their rates rise.

      What we feel is right for our parents, and therefore our clients, is to find the absolute best rate for the coverage you prefer, and from a company you feel comfortable with, and then review it each year. We find that about every 3-4 years, due to rate increases on existing policies and new offerings in the market, it makes sense to switch to get a meaningfully better rate.

      At GoMedigap, we are known for our Rate Watch program, which proactively monitors your rates on a consistent basis, and notifies you any time you face a rate increase. Then, our expert agents use our proprietary quoting system to review plans and rate to determine if it might be time to consider going with a new policy. If you’d like, give us a call at (866) 894-3258, and one of our agents will be sure to give unbiased advice and recommendations.

      Have a great day!

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