Madeline Struve

Madeline Struve – Marketing Assistant

Madeline’s fun-loving and adventurous spirit makes her a great fit our GMG Team.  Creative by nature, Madeline enjoys playing the piano, reading (anything by Kate Morton & JK Rowling), hand-lettering/calligraphy and DIY projects.  Getting lost in any sort of project or piece of music is a great way to escape the chaos of the real world to her.

A recent University of Texas graduate, Madeline loves to explore the western terrain areas with her new Fiancé, Robbie (who is also a GoMedigap employee).  They enjoy camping & hiking in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by desert land and the mountains.  Her love for the outdoors has prompted her with the idea of one day owning an actual goat farm!

Madeline is great at her job because she is constantly seeking ways to utilize her strengths and explore beyond the typical marketing mediums.