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Does Medicare Cover My Diabetic Testing Supplies?

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Medicare and Diabetes

The simple answer is yes, Medicare covers some diabetic supplies.

Medicare Part B covers most outpatient medical costs. This includes diabetic testing supplies, such as:

  • Glucose test strips
  • Blood sugar testing monitors
  • Lancets
  • Glucose solution
  • Blood sugar control solutions
  • Therapeutic shoes or inserts

Part B also covers some diabetes services. These covered services include:

  • Yearly eye exam
  • Self-management training
  • Foot exam
  • Glaucoma tests

Avoid the Most Common Pitfalls When Buying Diabetic Supplies

While Part B helps these costs, you will still have to pay some costs out-of-pocket. First, the supplier must accept assignment, which means they accept the Medicare price as full payment. After your supplier accepts assignment, you will pay 20% of the Medicare-approved amount.

Additionally, many people who are new to Medicare and/or diabetes care do not realize that in order for diabetic supplies to be covered by Medicare, a prescription is required from your doctor. If you buy diabetic supplies over-the-counter without a prescription, you have to pay full price.

Finally, you should purchase your diabetic supplies at the pharmacy counter (as opposed to the general retail counter) because the pharmacy has the ability to process the claim with Medicare. Keep in mind that Medicare will not pay for supplies if you go to a pharmacy that is not enrolled in Medicare.

Get Complete Insurance Coverage With a Medigap Plan

To ensure that your insurance covers the cost of diabetic supplies, such as diabetic meters, lancets, insulin, and test strips, we recommend enrolling in complete health insurance coverage, which includes:

  • Medicare Parts A and B
  • A good Medicare Part D plan
  • A Medicare supplement (Medigap) plan

You can protect yourself from against high out-of-pocket costs by enrolling in a full coverage Medicare supplement plan, such as the Medigap Plan F policy, which covers 100% of Medicare Part B’s excess charges. It is the most comprehensive Medicare supplement plan because it covers all the gaps left by Medicare Parts A and B. You should not be required to pay any out-of-pocket costs if you have Medicare A & B, Medicare Part D, and Medigap Plan F.

There are many other Medigap plans that offer varying levels of coverage. One of these plans might be the right plan for you. Learn more about the ten different Medigap plans.

How to Minimize Out-of-Pocket Costs When Buying Diabetic Supplies

In order to ensure that you don’t pay more for your diabetic supplies than necessary, there are a few things you need to do. You need to:

  • Have full coverage insurance (Medicare Parts A, B, D, and a Medigap plan)
  • A prescription from the doctor
  • Checkout at the pharmacy counter
  • Make sure that your pharmacy accepts Medicare assignment

You can check to see if your pharmacy is enrolled in Medicare on Medicare’s website.

Other Helpful Tips

Some plans offer a mail-order service that sends your drugs and supplies directly to your home. Find a Medicare National Mail Order Supplier here.

You can also read Medicare’s guide: Medicare’s Coverage of Diabetes Supplies & Services.

Medicare's coverage of Diabetes Services and Supplies

Medicare’s Coverage of Diabetes Supplies & Services

To receive complete coverage, you can get a free online Medigap quote or speak with one of our agents. You can reach them by calling toll-free at (800) 310-2550.

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4 Replies to “Does Medicare Cover My Diabetic Testing Supplies?”

  1. Does Plan G cover 100% of Medicares 80% for Diabetes Supply and Services after the Plan G’s $160.00 annual Co-Pay limit ??

    1. Hi there,
      Plan G covers everything but the Part B deductible of $166. Plan G covers 100% of copays and covers the entire 20% coinsurance. If the Diabetic supply is covered by Medicare Part B, then the plan G will cover any co-pay or excess charge. If the Diabetic supply is not covered by Medicare Part B, then it will not be covered by the Plan G either. If you have any additional questions, I encourage you to call us so that an experienced agent can help you. Just call 800-310-2550. Thank you for your comment.

    1. Hi John, thanks for your comment.
      I apologize for the delayed response. I believe you’re asking if your diabetes supplies would be covered 100% with Medicare Plan A, B, & D and Medigap Plan F. The answer would be “yes” as long as you’ve met your yearly Medicare deductible & it’s a Medicare covered expense. Medical services would be covered by Part B & Medicare supplement, and your medications would be covered by Part D. However, you may be subject to deductibles, coinsurance and copays for medications.

      Here is a Medicare guide on Medicare coverage of diabetic services and supplies:

      If you have any other questions, please feel free to call us at (800) 310-2550. We would be happy to help you! Thanks again for your comment.

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