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At GoMedigap, we only represent top-rated Medicare Supplement insurance companies. To serve you best, we actively monitor our providers’ AM Best ratings and search for established carriers that offer competitive rates. Any changes you notice in the list of insurance carriers we represent is a result of our research and dedication to representing only the top-ranking companies.

We provide you with options so that you can choose the carrier that fits your needs best. Because we only work with top carriers, you can always feel confident with your decision.

GoMedigap currently represents the following Medicare Supplement insurance companies:

Aetna Medicare Supplement
American Continental Medicare Supplement
Continental Life Medicare Supplement
Blue Cross Blue Shield Companies Medicare Supplement
Anthem Medicare Supplement Plans
Bankers Fidelity
GPM Health & Life
Loyal American Medicare Supplements
Manhattan Life Insurance / Western United Life
Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplements / United World
Omaha Insurance Company Medicare Supplements
United of Omaha Medicare Supplement
New Era / Philadelphia American Medicare Supplement
Transamerica Medicare Supplement

What is an AM Best Rating?

AM Best provides ratings to Medicare Supplement insurance companies based on their financial strength and creditworthiness. It’s important to select a carrier that has a strong AM Best rating because it indicates that the company is in good standing. The rankings of the carriers that we accept are below. As you can see, we only work with carriers that have a status of B+ or better.

A+.        Superior

A, A-      Excellent

B+         Good 

How Do I Choose a Medicare Supplement Insurance Company?

We represent many trusted companies, so how do you choose one? If you aren’t familiar with Medicare Supplement standardization, it will make your decision easier.

The government standardized Medicare Supplement plans so that each plan is identical from carrier to carrier. The benefits, coverage, and doctor networks are all the same, and the only change carriers are allowed to make is how much to charge you for your premium.  When you your review rates, you’ll see different prices from each company for the same plan letter.

Because Medicare Supplement plans are standardized, we recommend that you choose the carrier that offers you the lowest rate for the plan that you want. If you would like more information on the different plans, you may find our Medicare Supplement plans page helpful, as well as our article comparing two of the most popular plans, Medicare Supplement Plan F and Medicare Supplement Plan G.

Compare Your Medicare Supplement Rates Immediately!

5 Replies to “Which Medicare Supplement Insurance Companies Do You Work With?”

  1. I now have Anthem Medicare Advantage, dropping AARP medigap. Does “Advantage” mean that I don’t need (or can’t get) a medigap plan? Thank you.

    1. Hi Mr. Keller,

      A Medicare Advantage plan is a replacement for Medicare. Within the rules that Medicare has in place, you cannot carry both a Medicare Supplement plan and an Advantage plan at the same time, because you no longer have Original Medicare.

      If you have chosen to drop your Supplement plan to join an Advantage plan, Medicare has windows of time that will allow you to return to Original Medicare and possibly a Medicare Supplement plan. There are exceptions, but the majority of the time, the Annual Election Period (Oct 15th-Dec 7th) is the best opportunity to change plans.

      If you’d like, please call GoMedigap at (800) 310-2550, and speak with one of our friendly, educated agents to clarify your options. We look forward to speaking with you!

  2. Exactly what parts of my medicare including extra from income based
    as well as part D prescription can I pay from my current HSA account?

    1. Hi there,

      When you enroll in Medicare Part A and/or Part B, you can no longer contribute to your HSA. By law, people with Medicare are not allowed to put money into an HSA, because you generally cannot have any health coverage other than a high deductible health plan if you are putting money into an HSA.

      However, you may withdraw money from your HSA after you enroll in Medicare to help pay for qualified medical expenses, such as Part B premiums, a prescription drug plan (Part D), and Medicare expenses (such as copayments and deductibles).

      However, while you can use HSA distributions to pay for Medicare premiums, these funds cannot pay premiums for Medicare supplement (Medigap) policies.

      I hope this answers your question. At GoMedigap, we specialize in finding our clients the best health coverage for the most affordable price. Our agents represent over 30 of the best Medicare supplement providers to ensure they are able to provide you with unbiased advice and find you the coverage you need at the lowest rate. If you’d like to learn more, please give us a call at (800) 310-2550. We look forward to speaking with you soon!

      1. I have information from HSA Resources (2014) that states: “At age 65, you can use your HSA to pay for Medicare parts A, B, D, and Medicare HMO premiums tax-free and penalty-free. You cannot use your HSA to pay for Medigap insurance premiums…..If your Medicare premium is automatically deducted from your Social Security check, you simply reimburse yourself directly from your HSA for the Medicare premiums paid from your Social Security payment.” I don’t know if this information has changed since I read it in 2014, but it is an interesting aside.

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