Patrick McWhorter

Patrick McWhorter – Agent

Friends and family describe Patrick as honest, straightforward, and genuine. He enjoys being able to help people and make a difference in their lives.

When he is not on the phone helping people with their Medicare Supplement Insurance needs, Patrick enjoys traveling with his family, coaching his sons basketball teams, and an “occasional” round of golf.

Why he rocks at his job? “I rock my job because I saw what my father went through when he became ill after he retired. I strive everyday to help others avoid common mistakes in their Medicare supplement insurance needs. There are so many unknowns to getting older, and choosing Medicare supplement insurance coverage should not be scary. I want to make the process easy and comfortable and leave work every day with the feeling that I helped as many people as possible.”

Licenses: AL-678658, AZ-1060294, CA-0I61700, CO-436348, FL-W169948, GA-2932014, IL-17087809, IN-913813, KS-17087809, KY-824560, LA-604022, MD-2125157, MI-660728, MO-8303974, MS-10308088, NC- 7087809, NE-17087809, NJ-1534561, NM-340251, NY-1310604, OH-1007311, OK-100173921, OR- 7087809, PA-681094, SC-704743, TN-2257651, TX-1860423, VA-889528

We asked our clients what they like about our services, our agents, or any other interaction with GoMedigap.

Here’s what they had to say about Patrick:

Both knowledgeable and efficient. They are concerned with (a) the customers needs and (b) how best to meet those needs — nothing else.

Bill D. - 08/01/2016

I believe  that  Patrick  McWhorter, the person who actually  enrolled  me in GoMedigap, should have made the follow up call to me.

John S. - 07/25/2016

I believe  that  Patrick  McWhorter, the person who actually  enrolled  me in GoMedigap, should have made the follow up call to me.

John S. - 07/25/2016

Personal service. 

Penny C. - 07/22/2016

Personal service. 

Penny C. - 07/22/2016

Patrick was excellent in every way how he handled my Medigap questions and plans.  I would recommend others to use him with their insurance questions.  I like he was very patient with all of my questions.  Also, he has done a lot of follow up.

Martha H. - 07/22/2016

Very knowledgeable and responsive!

Raymond V. - 07/18/2016

My main concern was drug policies and you were no help in that regard. If you can sell Medicare supplement policies why not cover all the bases instead of telling me to get on the gov site and do it myself?

William H. - 07/15/2016

Explained pros and cons in a professional and detailed manner.

Vervice M. - 07/13/2016

His wonderful caring personality.  Also Quick and efficient.

Elizabeth H. - 07/13/2016

Patrick was very knowledgeable and patient answering all of my questions and made me feel like his most important client of the day. I will definitely recommend Patrick to anyone I know that is looking for Medicare supplemental coverage. 

Richard C. - 07/11/2016

Made the process very easy and understandable.

Steve R. - 07/08/2016

You are easy to deal with. The information you send out is easy to read. You provide good advice. This is the second time I am using your company (once for my wife, and now me). I definitely would recommend your services (in fact I have).

Michael R. - 07/07/2016

Patrick !! I probably would have hung up on anyone else !!

Gary S. - 07/06/2016

Quick response, helpful literature, availability for questions, and allowing me the time to read and study all of the information without being harassed .

Tommie F. - 07/05/2016

Friendly and thorough .  Willing to say if he wasnt sure but found the information.

Norma W. - 07/01/2016

The process of singing up was very easy. Patrick explained things very well. He also altered his input based on what information I needed as I had done quite a bit of prior research. I got immediate responses and follow up from the underwriters. They double checked my information to make sure all things would run smoothly.

Joyce L. - 06/24/2016

am going to see what i am insured for and how the company pays

Warren G. - 06/24/2016

I like that your agents are paid a salary not a commission, thus they dont have a vested interest in one product over another. 

Janice M. - 06/23/2016

Patrick McWhorter explained things very clearly and was very patient in explaining and working through things with me and my husband. He also gave us a very helpful steer regarding our options with Prescription Drug Plan D even though neither he nor Medigap seemed to benefit from doing so.

Estela D. - 06/20/2016


Anna marie H. - 06/20/2016

Quick, nice folks and knowledgeable.   No pressure

Stan L. - 06/20/2016

Warm and friendly unlike most people in the insurance world.  Many options offered.

Deborah R. - 06/18/2016

They were extremely nice and courteous and not in a hurry. I am very happy with your service and will recommend it to my friends. Thank you………..

Sharon M. - 06/14/2016

For m, the cost.

Dorothy F. - 06/13/2016

Quick follow up to phone calls. Great customer service.

Floyd H. - 06/09/2016

Very friendly and made the process of changing coverage very easy.

Barbara F. - 06/07/2016

informative and friendly

Renea S. - 06/03/2016

It was made very easy for me. Explained. Easily

Robin C. - 05/25/2016

There was a little misunderstanding about when the premiums would be deducted but that was cleared up.  Patrick was very good and so was Chad Slusarski!  Really appreciated his help and input when Patrick was on vacation.

Dennis P. - 05/18/2016

very informative and helpful

Dianne G. - 05/16/2016

McWhorter is awesome

Donald A. - 05/16/2016

Very fast service ,answered all my questions and saved me money

Linda W. - 05/13/2016

Knowledgable friendly service.

David K. - 05/12/2016

They were very friendly and never gave me a hard time at all.

Debra F. - 05/09/2016

They were not pushy; they seemed to be knowledgeable about the products offered; and they patiently answered our questions. 

Charles H. - 05/06/2016

My questions werent answered after the decision to go with an option was made.  I feel like after making my choice, you made your money and so that was the end of the relationship.  Now Im wondering if I got the best advice for me or if I should have contacted other Medigap companies.  I wanted to change from Plan G to Plan F and I got an email saying that would be easy, but no further contact was made.  Ive received the insurance packet and ID card for plan G, which leads me to believe that a change to Plan F is not possible.  Im very disappointed.  You can make this right by emailing me with my options, if any and schedule an appointment Wednesday, my day off, to discuss whether a change is possible and if a change tobPlan F is the best option for my medical needs, which are extensive.

Ruth S. - 05/02/2016

efficient and friendly and made the process easy.

Bernie R. - 04/28/2016

Tell us which companies use over seas customer service. I really dislike working with them and would prefer to use any company that uses American employees in customer service.

Margaret G. - 04/27/2016

No question was too stupid or trivial and explained every detail.

James R. - 04/26/2016

Proffesional, personal. Industry knowledge far above my many others. The many others who contacted me. 

Ronald S. - 04/20/2016

Excellent communication and follow up

Virginia M. - 04/19/2016

Agent was respectful.,knowledgeable, and provided good  written material to back up verbal communication.  Simplified the process. Efficient, effective use of email for information sharing. Comparision shopping was a great value.  Final connection with insurance company to complete transaction simplified the process.  

Julia R. - 04/14/2016

good understanding of what, what not to do

Lloyd O. - 04/14/2016


Lily M. - 04/14/2016


Norman M. - 04/14/2016

My husband and I really appreciated the personal interest shown and how you made something so confusing understandable. Thank you Patrick and Tammy

Frank D. - 04/09/2016

Patient, he understood when I didnt get back to him quickly and did not rush me to sign up. Most of all he explained everything very well and offered alternatives 

Lynne S. - 04/08/2016

 Little pressure but courteous job well done

Susan B. - 04/06/2016

Everything was explained and any questions I had were answered.

Nijole D. - 04/06/2016