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GoMedigap is currently licensed to sell and provide custom quotes for Medicare Supplements in 34 states and growing.

The states we currently serve are in RED, and the states do not yet serve are in BLUE.

GoMedigap States

GoMedigap States

Non-GoMedigap States*

  • Alaska Medicare Supplements
  • Connecticut Medicare Supplements
  • Delaware Medicare Supplements
  • Hawaii Medicare Supplements
  • Idaho Medicare Supplements
  • Maine Medicare Supplements
  • Massachusetts Medicare Supplements
  • Minnesota Medicare Supplements
  • Montana Medicare Supplements
  • New Hampshire Medicare Supplements
  • North Dakota Medicare Supplements
  • Rhode Island Medicare Supplements
  • South Dakota Medicare Supplements
  • Vermont Medicare Supplements
  • Wisconsin Medicare Supplements
  • Wyoming Medicare Supplements

*Even if we do not currently serve your state, we are happy to offer information to help you during your research. Click on the link to your state for information about Medigap plans in your state.

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