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One of the most challenging issues seniors face in choosing health coverage is ensuring that their doctor is covered. We often hear from clients that their most significant concern is finding a plan that will allow them to continue to see their healthcare provider of choice. Fortunately for seniors entering Medicare, the Medicare network covers over 90% of doctors in the United States. Medicare Supplement plans in Utah belong to the same network, which makes it easy to verify that your doctor is covered.

While making sure that your doctor is covered is easy, deciding which Medigap plan to get may be a challenge. Medigap plans come in a range of coverage options, and it is necessary to understand the details so that you can choose the right one. Seniors that have regular appointments, for instance, may want to avoid plans with copays. Some carriers will even offer discounts, which is important to consider when you compare rates.

For expert advice, we recommend speaking with one of our agents. Our licensed GoMedigap agents can help you evaluate your options and avoid common mistakes. Once you have selected your coverage and carrier, they can even sign you up in one easy phone call.

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Medicare makes it simple for you to pay your premiums. You can learn more about payment options with our article Medicare Easy Pay 101.

We believe in treating our clients like we would treat our own parents. We check in with you every year, to ensure that you like your coverage and have the best rate available with our free Rate Watch service.

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